Monterrey Industry 4.0

Nuevo León, the place to be for Industry 4.0 in America

Government of Nuevo León State and Initiative Nuevo León 4.0 invite large corporations legally incorporated in Nuevo León, and scaleups all over the world offering Industry 4.0 solutions, to participate in MIND4.0 Monterrey 2021 on its 2nd edition.

Industrial acceleration platform for entrepreneurs offering real solutions related to Industry 4.0 technologies, as part of an intensive work and mentoring collaboration program guided by allied entrepreneurship nodes, and through industrial linkage with leading companies in Nuevo León, looking together to accelerate all participants’ development boosting advancement.

Who can apply to MIND 4.0?

Large Corporations

Large innovative companies, domestic or transnational, leaders in their industrial sector with legally incorporated operations in Nuevo León, México.

Participating companies will act as industrial customers for registered scaleups, benefiting from new & fresh innovative solutions to grow and/or improve their current product or service portfolios.


Legally incorporated scaleups from all over the World with Industry 4.0 solutions on their expertise, having completed their technological development stage, and in search for industrial scale up opportunities and access to global market with leading companies.

Scaleups with completed product/process development stage or recently launched a technology based Industry 4.0 solution are invited.


10 may - 09/11 jun

Large companies registration

14 jun - 28 jun

Call for scaleups

28 jun - 09 jul

Projects selection

12 jul - 16 jul

Pitch sessions

16 jul - 30 jul

Projects negotiation

01 aug 21 - 31 jan 22

Projects execution

Participating Companies

One Pagers MIND 4.0 Monterrey 2019

  • Frisa – Posi: Trazabilidad de herramientas a alta temperatura
  • Metalsa – MANUFAI: Optimización de soldura mediante Inteligencia Artificial
  • Questum – NubaHub: Sistema de monitoreo para la detección de fallas en las bobinas del horno de inducción
  • Ternium – Prysmex: Monitor GPS/3D de variables críticas industriales
  • Ternium – 3D Factory: Plataforma integral para satisfacer requerimientos de manufactura aditiva
  • Banregio – Ensitech: Plataforma de seguros
  • Banregio – OnePhase: Plataforma de análisis de información fiscal
  • Banregio – Apli: Selección automatizada
  • Sigma – Gesta Labs: Soporte Remoto mediante IoT
  • Vivaaerobus – Introid: Reconocimiento facial VivaAerobus

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